Why do we do what we do? Simple; because we love it! As kids we were playing with cars all day, dreaming that one day we’ll put the pedal to the medal!

In addition, we want to change the (occasions) car world and create one where we believe in; offer quality and service but do everything slightly different than others. By outsourcing a lot, having a different location than others, buying parts directly from the factory and open communication we can offer high-quality and special cars at competitive prices. We work together with the best technicians but at different prices.

Why? We are not a garage and no mechanics, so leave it to people who are. Original or qualitative parts that come very close in terms of quality, for example, also ensure better prices.

Our location? In any case, no expensive glass palace or hobby shed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We have opted for a location where we have space, can transfer our knowledge to the next generation, and take our corporate social responsibility; the Agora college in Amsterdam North. But the most important location is your own location. Why play an away game when it is possible at home, that’s why we like to come to you!

We are perfectionists, so when we are searching for a car everything has to be on point. We take joy in finding special cars; the future classics with the right engine, the right model, original parts, with a spotless maintenance history. We buy cars that bring a smile on our face which we drive with joy.